Comic 1 - Shake The Lake - Volume #1A
20th Sep 2018, 11:42 AM in Lake Shasta
Shake The Lake - Volume #1A
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Author Notes:
zblock1 edit delete
This page was actually written as an afterthought when we finished issue #1. The characters needed some depth and we thought it wise to show *Young Nika in her "socks and sandals", which is referenced ahead on page #1O.
User comments:
mightguy15 edit delete reply
Once again, I have to complement your art. It is so realistic and so professionally shaded that this looks almost like an assortment of 3d images
Opidane edit delete reply
HI I just started reading this comic. It looks awesome!!!
zblock1 edit delete reply
Glad you enjoy. Please comment back when you finish reading. Would love to hear your feedback as we finish the book in the upcoming months.