Comic 2 - Shake The Lake - Volume #1B
20th Sep 2018, 11:53 AM
Shake The Lake - Volume #1B
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Author Notes:
zblock1 edit delete
In this Comicfury version, we're skipping some establishing pages and jumping straight into the story. In the official version, we see what the town of Shasta looks like (a small non-descript lake town in the mid West somewhere... probably Michigan where the girls are nice and things make sense... a much different place then our fellows end up) and Cal narrating that it is present day.
User comments:
felneymike edit delete reply
Amazing art
zblock1 edit delete reply
Glad you like it. Wait until you get to the water pages in Arizona!
mightguy15 edit delete reply
Seriously, you could be making some serious money as a pro, this artwork is mindblowingly realistic!
Does it take hours to complete? My simplistic manga style takes me forever and its nowhere near this level of detail
zblock1 edit delete reply
That's very nice of you. Yes, the art takes a lot of effort and time to complete. This has been a 4 year project. Glad you like it.
Merman83 edit delete reply
I agree! Your artwork is sick!
zblock1 edit delete reply
YOU'RE sick! :) Thanks.
zblock1 edit delete reply
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DOUBLE R edit delete reply
Greg Land fan right?
zblock1 edit delete reply
I dig the style for sure.