Comic 15 - Shake The Lake Volume #1O
25th Sep 2018, 8:18 PM
Shake The Lake Volume #1O
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Author Notes:
zblock1 edit delete
Here's the page we referenced on #1A with *Young Nika. Do we see where this is going ladies and gentlemen? Maybe Nika has grown up since we've last seen her? Hmmmm, I wonder.
User comments:
Bear edit delete reply
" The art takes a long time to complete but I was inspired by the Grand Theft Auto marketing artwork." Yeah, looks like it does ! Can I ask what you use to create it ?
zblock1 edit delete reply
I do a blog post about creating the comic on our site -->
Merman83 edit delete reply
Wow! Beautifully rendered!
zblock1 edit delete reply
Would love to know what you think of the Arizona settings. Colors are brighter and more beautiful.