Comic 12 - Shake The Lake Volume #1L
24th Sep 2018, 6:17 PM
Shake The Lake Volume #1L
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Author Notes:
zblock1 edit delete
They won't let Cal get a word in anywhere. He finally snaps and all Mom can respond with is a hilarious bit of honesty. She knew Kelly was a floozy. Haha #momgotspice
User comments:
Bear edit delete reply
Great look to this !
zblock1 edit delete reply
Awesome. Thanks for the compliment Bear. Glad you like it. The art takes a long time to complete but I was inspired by the Grand Theft Auto marketing artwork... so stylish and cool. Cheers.
Merman83 edit delete reply
So does that mean computer modelling? Pardon my ignorance:p
StLOrca edit delete reply
Cal, seriously: you’re 23. It’s okay to plan ahead a bit.
zblock1 edit delete reply
RIGHT!!??!! These darn kids. Serious, Cal's a few years behind the pack. That happens when life is good and you're not forced to grow up. Knew a few *Cal's as I was leaving my hometown for college.